How to use the drawing tool

This article will help you use the drawing tool of Vmaker to make your videos engaging for the viewers.

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Here are the steps that you need to follow to use the drawing tool on Vmaker

Step 1: Launch the Vmaker app, select recording type and click on start recording.

Step 2: Navigate to the control menu on the left side of the screen

NOTE: if you don't see the control menu, go to the preferences section on the Vmaker app (3 dots on top of the app) and enable ''Show control menu''.

Step 3: Click on the drawing tool on the control menu

Step 4: Pick a colour of your choice. You can also increase or decrease the thickness of the drawing tool by moving the slider.

Step 5: Start drawing on the screen.

Step 6: To remove the drawings from the screen, click on done.

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