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What is the access to the workspace that I can allow?
What is the access to the workspace that I can allow?

Access level for member in workspaces

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Access level for members in workspaces

You can either give new members "member access" or "admin access". You can do that by clicking on the "my team" option on the Vmaker web dashboard. While you add emails to invite users you can choose the access level from the drop-down. If the new user is added as an admin they’ll be able to add new members themselves to the particular workspace.

Note this feature is not available in the free plan and you’ll have to switch to a pro plan for creating and collaborating over workspaces. Sign up for the pro version from the link below.

Feel free to reach out to our support in case you need any assistance with Vmaker. Drop-in your valuable feedback and suggestions to help us further enhance your experience with Vmaker.

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