2-factor authentication set up on Vmaker

To set up your 2-factor authentication for your Animaker account:

  • Step1: Click on ‘Account Settings’

  • Step2: Click on the ‘Authentication’ tab

  • Step3: Turn on the ‘Two Factor Authentication’ switch. A popup will appear with a barcode and a field to enter your code.

  • Step4: Download the Google Authenticator application on your phone and sign in using the email ID with which you have registered with Animaker.

  • Step5: Scan the barcode using the Google Authenticator application. A 6 digit code will be generated in Google Authenticator.

  • Step6: Enter the 6 digit code in the popup window.

  • Step7: Click on ‘Verify’

Your account will now have 2-factor authentication enabled.

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