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How to setup privacy for videos
How to setup privacy for videos

Keeping videos to private in Vmaker

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To set up advanced privacy for your videos, click on the privacy and security section on your dashboard or set up privacy settings on individual video pages.

Here’s how you can use the advanced privacy and security settings to keep your videos private

  1. Make your videos private

Now you can protect your videos from being shared with everyone. All your videos can be made private with a click or you could choose to make certain videos private too.

  1. Disable video downloads

Now have control over your videos being downloaded by everyone. By enabling “disable download”, you can protect your videos from being downloaded by people you have shared them with.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to setup advanced privacy and security

Step 1: Click on the advanced privacy settings on your dashboard

Step 2: You can disable download for your videos and make your videos private. You can also perform both these actions individually as per your needs.

You can revert the settings at any point in time to make your videos public again.
The privacy for videos can also be set up individually on the player page. Here’s how you can set up privacy for videos individually.

Step 1: Open the video that you want to set privacy and scroll down to click on privacy settings

Step 2: Choose your preferred type of privacy for your video from the available options.

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