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How to change access in a workspace?
How to change access in a workspace?

Changing workspace access in Vmaker

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Changing workspace access in Vmaker

You can change the access given to a teammate on a workspace on Vmaker. Click on the "My Team" Tab in the Vmaker. You'll be able to see the teammates on the workspace and if they're admin or member.

You can click on the user whom you want to change the access to and click admin/User on their profile. Note, you need to be an admin to change access for the people on your workspace.

You can also, invite teammates to the workspace by sending them an invitation to their mail. They'll appear on the invited list until they have accepted you're request to join the workspace
Creating workspace and inviting teammates are pro features and you need to upgrade to a pro plan. To upgrade to a PRO plan click on the link below.

Feel free to reach out to our support in case you need any assistance with Vmaker. Drop-in your valuable feedback and suggestions to help us further enhance your experience with Vmaker.

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