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FAQ - Vmaker Windows App Installation (minimum system requirements)
FAQ - Vmaker Windows App Installation (minimum system requirements)
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Minimum system requirements:

OS : Windows 10 64 bit or Above
​Processor : i5 or above (Should have minimum of 4 Physical core CPU) / Equivalent AMD processor
​RAM : 4 GB or above
​Drivers : Latest Updated drivers for Audio and Video
​Storage : 10 GB or more

Your antivirus may block Vmaker

Since Vmaker accesses your screen and webcam, your anti virus software may ask your permission to allow Vmaker the necessary permission.

Please make sure that you give necessary permissions to the anti-virus software to allow Vmake to run on your PC.

Windows protected your PC

Windows may prevent Vmaker from installation by showing a message that Vmaker is an unrecognised app.

To proceed, please click on more info and click on run anyway to continue with the installation.

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