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How to use blur tool on Vmaker Chrome Plug-in
How to use blur tool on Vmaker Chrome Plug-in

This article will help you familiarise yourself with the blur tool of Vmaker. This tool can be used to hide confidential information.

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Using the Vmaker blur tool, you can either blur your screen before you start recording or you during the recording is in progress.

First, we will take a look at how to use the blur tool before you start recording your screen

Step 1: Launch the Vmaker Chrome Plug-in

Step 2: Navigate to the control menu on the left side of the screen and click on the blur tool icon

Step 3: Select between region based and element based blurring.

For region based blurring: Select the region that you intend to blur. Please note that if you scroll up and down, the selected region will move with the screen movement. This may result in the hidden content being revealed.

The second button allows you to select particular elements of the screen.

For element based screen blurring: When you select an element of the screen to be blurred, the element remains blurred even if you scroll up or down on the screen.

Watch this gif to see how the blur tool works on Vmaker

Step 4: Select the intensity of the blur by moving the slider.

Step 5: If you wish to clear the blurred regions and start over again, click on the clear all region. Or, skip this step

Step 6: Click on done and proceed to record the video

If you wish to blur a region or element when recording is in progress, just click on the blur icon. The recording will be automatically paused allowing you to blur the screen. Once you have blurred the screen, you can resume the recording.

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