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How to share videos with view or edit access
How to share videos with view or edit access

This article is about the different sharing options available for Vmaker videos.

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Vmaker has an advanced sharing logic to share videos with fellow Vmaker users, members of your workspace or non Vmaker users.

Here are the steps that you should follow to share a video

Once a video is recorded, you will land on the video play page. From here, click on the share button

Clicking on the share button will open the pop up with different sharing options. You can either copy the video link by clicking on the ''copy link'' button or enter the email address of the recipient with whom you want to share the video.

  1. Using the ''Copy link'' button

When copying the video link, you can select between the view, edit or no access

1. View access - Anyone with the video link will be able to view the video

2. Edit access - Anyone with the video link will be able to view and edit the video on Vmaker. If the recipient is a non Vmaker user, they will have to sign up for Vmaker to edit the video.

3. No access - The video is made private. Even if the video accessed, a message will be shown to the viewer that they do not have access to the video.

2. Sharing with single or multiple recipients using email addresses

You can enter a single email address or multiple email addresses to share the video with.

Before sharing, you can select to give the viewers only view access by selecting ''Can view''

Or you may also give the viewers view and edit access by selecting ''Can edit''

Finally, click on share. Once you share a video, an email notification will be sent to the recipients with a link to view the video.

You can select who has access to your videos once the video has been shared or before the video is shared.

Alternatively you can select between

  1. Can view

  2. Can edit

  3. No access

For the following categories of viewers with whom the video is shared

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